Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday Chevy sniffed out a centipede. Gross. Those creatures and I have a long standing feud. Fight to the death. There was the time I had a faceoff with one in the Miniapple Montessori kitchen, and I won (thank you), and the time I encountered one in the hallway and we danced a battle tango. Yes, I very strongly dislike those guys. Least favorite bug. Ever. I even can stand spiders more, at least they are cunning and useful. Centipedes are just nasty.

I just google image searched centipede to show you a picture, but was so grossed out and just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Besides that, I'm feeling sewing machine withdrawal. I keep thinking of all these great home decoration projects for the empty space, but I can't do anything! I feel like I've lost my daemon (Golden Compass reference).

But I have decided, I'm going to make a pseudo fireplace :D because then I can pretend I live in a cabin.

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