Friday, March 26, 2010

Hard Rain

Today is my last day with my kids at work and I made them some cuties.

I'm very sad to leave them- a few of the kids cried when I told them I was moving- I'll probably shed some tears today as well. More tears that is. I had a difficult morning today. Chevy is sick- he has bad icky poop and has been throwing up. I'm waiting to see if it passes- but if it's not any better I made an appointment to go to the vet tomorrow. I think it was the tip of the iceberg for me this morning. My pup being miserable and all of the stress of the move came crashing down on me.

It's very difficult to do this. Yes, this is totally what's best for us, but the process is not fun. Anyway. Send some positive energy Chevy and my way. <3

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I forgot that I actually had a lot on my mind about home! Oops! It was very strange being in the town where I grew up- in a house that I'd never seen, hearing a pastor I've never met preach and seeing a congregation of people I was largely unfamiliar with.

But at the same time- it was still home. I took my mom's car for a stroll to the mall that I still know like the back of my hand and it was almost as if nothing had changed. I saw two of my girlfriends I've known since I was like- 5 practically- and though I haven't seen them in forever- the dynamic never changes. It's such a weird feeling- almost as if I'd been dropped into a past where everyone got older. If that makes sense.

I had a great time spending time with my family- I wish I could have seen my dear friend get married or drove to Ann Arbor to see other friends, but my mom wanted me to stay home. Now that I'm an adult- I know she can't REALLY tell me not to do something- but the hint is enough to make me stay home with her. I understand now, I mean I think I get it- that she really misses me and loves me and wants to spend time with me. So I spent most of my time back home with my mom.

As much as I felt comfortable with them at home- I was so relieved to get back and see my crazy animals, and see my loving boyfriend. Something about going to sleep in your own bed that makes traveling and coming home so much better.

So the lesson I came away with is that there are a lot of people who love me at home, and I need to give them more credit- and talk and visit more. Also- I quit a very nasty habit I've had ever since I dated that one guy- remember him? :) It's going well so far. Wish me luck!

Countdown: 6 days

So I'm flyin' out the 30th with Mr. Rockit and the three animals. This should be an adventure - to say the least. The talk went very well with the family. We are restored, and I feel great about being honest with my parents. I'm excited more than ever to find our perfect home in San Francisco!! I'm making little giftees for my kids at work to say bye bye - so I'll take pics of those when they are completed. That's the update- not too much else to say!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Move date is set for the end of March. Before that though, I have to brave the dangerous trip back to the Mitten. Back to Michigan to talk with my parents sobre mi vida. *sigh*

I'm excited but sad at the same time. I do like New York, it's so unique. I will miss my friends and miss the amount of things to do here. But I won't miss the cranky people, the stinky subways, and the crowded streets. I am not a New Yorker, and have never claimed to be, and I'll be very happy to see the sun and nature in California.

Haven't started packing yet, tomorrow we will get boxes and start that fun job. Luckily, his company has been gracious enough to cover relocation costs for the whole family. Pets included. Speaking of pets...

Wonder Kitten has a name. Toki. It means bunny in Korean. She's in kitty heaven in my bag of yarn here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cat Bag

So the cat's pretty much out of the bag, and though I'm hesitant to post on FB, I know there is much less readership on this lovely blog'o'mine.

Yes, we are moving again. To San Francisco.

Mr. Rockit got an irrefutable offer and so... off we go.

I was initially quite dismayed by the news, but I'm warming up to it. The only problem is that it is quite stressful for me seeing that I have no job out there. Not cool. But I'm taking this as an opportunity to find my dream job.

Not that working with children and creating theatre pieces with them isn't amazing. It is. It's just that.. well why did I go to college if I were going to keep having these jobs that will never go anywhere?

So I've sucked it up and have been applying to jobs that I want. I worry that I'm not qualified for some of them, or that my competition will be much MORE qualified, but I just have to hope for the best.

The thing about job hunting these days is that I always feel like "oh if they could just MEET me they would KNOW I'd be awesome at this job!" but more often than not I don't even get a chance to interview. Why? Because so many other people who are FAR less interesting than I have bomb ass resumes while mine pales in comparison. Unlike my shining personality which does not translate through paper. Maybe I should attach a youtube link to every resume. I'm sure they would appreciate my rap renditions greatly.

And unless someone scoops this kitten up, we might be keeping her.
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