Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All by myself

I am all by my lonesome with these four animals. You'd think I would get a lot of knitting/crafting/job hunting done.Nope. I did apply for a couple of jobs. When is the point in our lives where we decide to stop having fun and to start working. Does anyone have a job that they think is amazing and just fun? Yeah, they do. But not most people I know. Not anyone in my family. Most Koreans for SURE don't have fun at work.

That's my new look by the way. Chronic hood pulled over face. Sort of like this here too.

If you're wondering what that face is, it's me trying to be serious. And failing. Brooklyn looks terrifying though. But srsly- the look will catch on, I promise. Hoods-4-lyfe.


  1. "Most Koreans for SURE don't have fun at work."


  2. Oh Lizz, you and me both: when you find your philanthropist tell them to donate to me too! Miss you lady!


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