Friday, September 10, 2010


So I recently went through my bank records and realized how much I spend on CLOTHES. I need to cut that out! 

I'm contemplating this challenge. CONTEMPLATING. Not committing to anything yet.

Do you think I could go a whole year , 365 days, without buying something new? I could buy from thrift stores. But nothing new. (With the exception of a wedding dress). 

Can I do it?
Could you?!


  1. I've just decided to do this! But my main poison is books, not clothes.

    Did you hear of the woman who wore one brown dress (that she'd made) for a whole year? It was part of a project, but still!

  2. That's amazing, thanks for the link! I don't think I could do THAT, but for sure think I can go without buying new store bought things!Also, at least with books you can go to the library- I looove libraries.


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