Thursday, December 9, 2010

Only Water!

After hearing a startling fact about how many calories we drink in a day- I am going to try to just drink water and tea instead of my 2 cups of coffee and sodas in the afternoon. I'm curious to see if I lose any weight simply by cutting those out of my diet. I'll still have a drink or two at a bar or social gathering, but I'm doing this more as an experiment than any sort of body self conscious thing. Don't worry. I'm not trying hard to lose weight or anything.

Anyway. Lots of water for me!


  1. Nice! If you can't completely cut out coffee, just wean yourself off adding sugar, etc, to it. I drink a cup of a coffee in the morning with skim milk, and it's much better for you, calorically. Good luck!

  2. Good thinking. We're cleansing over here.

  3. Betty Rockit... Would you be interested in swapping links? I added you to my Blog sidebar Let me know! lindsay.conner(at)gmail(dot)com


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