Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
I'm excited to not work on Monday for MLK day,
and then have a two day week next week because after that we're going to 

Okay it's not that exciting but I get to see my parents and my future in laws, so it'll be a happy reunion time.
And we've got tons of wedding stuff to get done.

WOW are weddings expensive. Trying to budget and it's proving slightly *understatement* stressful.
Here's one DIY I really want to do.

In order to save some money on decorations/flowers, I figured I could make some of these pretty things to toss on the tables. Mr. Rockit calls it "layering".
You can find the tutorial here

I'm really trying to save some money and make some in the meantime. One really awesome thing is that our friends who did our engagement photos have offered to shoot the wedding for free which is AMAZING. What awesome friends we have! I'm still trying to sell stuff, but fellow crafters and bloggers... Etsy is not easy. I need to sell something on there! Any tips? Advice? I think I need help!

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