Monday, August 31, 2009


I can't wait.
I can't wait.
I'm blogging so much because I CAN'T WAIT.
NO puedo esperar!
Though my stay in Florida is out to be short lived,
I realized one very important fact.
I miss my buddies terribly.

I will reunite and Blizz will once again paint towns red with glitter and gold.
I'll be a little broke for awhile- but honestly- when am I not?
Things are falling a little too perfectly in the place,
and I am moving full speed ahead without actually considering much except one
thought which is YAYYYYYYYY

Maybe Blidgers and I can get walky talkies again..
I wonder how far they will work in Brooklyn.
Actually I wonder if they'll work in the subway.
Like if I'm on one side of the car and Bridge is on the other side
We'll have to see.

So to all you New Yorkers. I will make NYC a little more sunny.
2 weeks and counting, unless the job I'm vying for wants me sooner.

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