Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Mr. Rockit and my one year anniversary is tomorrow.
Wild huh? We've been through quite a bit I must say,
 moves, NY to Minneapolis to Florida to NY.
Mentally ill roommates...
"Oh I feel like I've known you forever"
Thanks Bridge, PS for making this all happen right?

I'm quite excited for this new chapter to start.
Almost done with work- 2 more days of that, then to the dreaded packing. Really what I'm excited about is having another week w/o work because I really want to get some knitting done.

Wow that's lame.

Waiting is my LEAST favorite game, especially when it's for a move. I always think I'll have enough to do to keep busy- but it's never the case. I never do anything until the last minute so in the meantime I just think.

Travelling with pets is difficult, PS, but not as difficult as I always think it will be. I'm always afraid Chevy's carrier size will be too large- but honestly I think they don't even check. When I flew down here they hardly look at Chevy or the carrier. So hopefully US Airways has the same leniency.

Okay- I'm talking nonsense- I'm going to eat some rice and watch Bones on TNT.

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