Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I officially love the Twilight series. I started the fourth book today- after a weekend long of reading the first three ( I know, crazy) and I'm trying not to read this one too fast- mostly because I get nothing else done and forget to eat and sleep. Ahaha.

I'll give it to Stephanie Meyer, she's not that great of a writer, and she uses words like irrevocably entirely too much, but she's created quite a cast of characters that is hard not to get drawn into. Hard not to get completely obsessed with. So much that while I'm not reading and pining, all I think about are vampires and werewolves. Bella and Edward; Bella and Jacob; Alice and Jasper AHHHH. Ahahaha. Is it possible that I have a very addictive personality? Yes. Likely. But just as likely is that some part of us wants that ridiculous sort of life. I know I do. Still want to run for my life. Or at least have something more exciting in it.

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