Monday, March 1, 2010

Cat Bag

So the cat's pretty much out of the bag, and though I'm hesitant to post on FB, I know there is much less readership on this lovely blog'o'mine.

Yes, we are moving again. To San Francisco.

Mr. Rockit got an irrefutable offer and so... off we go.

I was initially quite dismayed by the news, but I'm warming up to it. The only problem is that it is quite stressful for me seeing that I have no job out there. Not cool. But I'm taking this as an opportunity to find my dream job.

Not that working with children and creating theatre pieces with them isn't amazing. It is. It's just that.. well why did I go to college if I were going to keep having these jobs that will never go anywhere?

So I've sucked it up and have been applying to jobs that I want. I worry that I'm not qualified for some of them, or that my competition will be much MORE qualified, but I just have to hope for the best.

The thing about job hunting these days is that I always feel like "oh if they could just MEET me they would KNOW I'd be awesome at this job!" but more often than not I don't even get a chance to interview. Why? Because so many other people who are FAR less interesting than I have bomb ass resumes while mine pales in comparison. Unlike my shining personality which does not translate through paper. Maybe I should attach a youtube link to every resume. I'm sure they would appreciate my rap renditions greatly.

And unless someone scoops this kitten up, we might be keeping her.


  1. I'm so excited for you and am sending good energy your way!! Also, I will totes visit with Bridg :)

  2. Soon you'll be here! And we can see each other!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS (and me and Joe to see you guys)!

  3. Hey Lizz, for your dream job, utilize the crap out of linked in to find warm contacts to get your resume/apps/cover letter seen :)


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