Saturday, March 13, 2010


Move date is set for the end of March. Before that though, I have to brave the dangerous trip back to the Mitten. Back to Michigan to talk with my parents sobre mi vida. *sigh*

I'm excited but sad at the same time. I do like New York, it's so unique. I will miss my friends and miss the amount of things to do here. But I won't miss the cranky people, the stinky subways, and the crowded streets. I am not a New Yorker, and have never claimed to be, and I'll be very happy to see the sun and nature in California.

Haven't started packing yet, tomorrow we will get boxes and start that fun job. Luckily, his company has been gracious enough to cover relocation costs for the whole family. Pets included. Speaking of pets...

Wonder Kitten has a name. Toki. It means bunny in Korean. She's in kitty heaven in my bag of yarn here.

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