Friday, March 26, 2010

Hard Rain

Today is my last day with my kids at work and I made them some cuties.

I'm very sad to leave them- a few of the kids cried when I told them I was moving- I'll probably shed some tears today as well. More tears that is. I had a difficult morning today. Chevy is sick- he has bad icky poop and has been throwing up. I'm waiting to see if it passes- but if it's not any better I made an appointment to go to the vet tomorrow. I think it was the tip of the iceberg for me this morning. My pup being miserable and all of the stress of the move came crashing down on me.

It's very difficult to do this. Yes, this is totally what's best for us, but the process is not fun. Anyway. Send some positive energy Chevy and my way. <3

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