Friday, May 21, 2010


Thank you ALL so much for all of your comments!!!I have read each one of them and I am so grateful for your interest! Thank you also to my new followers- I'm so excited that you've decided to welcome me into your blog circles!

I have a winner for the giveaway!

Drumroll please....

I♥thesecrazykids from Nebraska, YOU WIN!!!

Thank you to everyone else who entered, and please stay tuned, because I feel like maybe I will do a giveaway once a month. I want to do something for the glorious followers I've just acquird. What do you think about that? YEA! For you all who did not win, don't worry- I will be putting plenty of ninja robot bunnies online at etsy- for my tentative shop open date of June 1st.

I made a friend for my calculator robot- who is having a complicated relationship with my neighbor. :) This is a much larger ninja than the previous ninjas (seen here) These will be put up on my etsy as well. Not the emotional calculator, the ninja crocheted thing I mean.

OKAY- So thank you! Don't be a stranger! And I'm off to the Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend and I will come back next week with tons of pictures of the amazing things I run into. Adam Savage from Mythbusters will be there so I am PUMPED!


  1. I am so excited that I (or should I say my boys) won this awesome giveaway! They are going to love them! I hope you have a great weekend. Hopefully you'll get to meet Adam. My hubby would be soooo jealous.

  2. AHH!!! Tell Adam we need to be on Mythbusters! I think audiences would love you and me busting myths right and left, I'm just saying!


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