Monday, August 2, 2010


Renegade Craft fair was great this weekend. I met some awesome vendors, including a couple of chicas whose blogs I follow!

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess!

There's always this strange awkward creepiness when I meet people I've seen online. I'm not normally a shy person but when I admit to someone I have cyber stalked them and know way too much about them, it gets weird. I got shy and ran away after this picture. This is not my first real life meeting with a cyber person though.

I met Angela from Oiyi's crafts in Brooklyn at a fair once too. It wasn't weird at all because she had done some cyber stalking of her own and it was so funny. Like a blind date almost. I was like oh your little girl is adorable and she was like your cats are so cute. After that I knitted with her knitting group a couple of times too so it was pretty cool!

I met several other people whose work I'd seen online and it was great to put a name and face to their art. Some people like Elsie were gracious and sweet, and some- well - some were not! The craft world is a small world though, and everyone has seen everything it seems like. 

It also takes a level of comfort to be the blogger and to disclose bits of your life with total strangers. The nice thing is when these strangers stop being strangers and become your friends. It takes a lot of trust to put everything out there for the world to see.

Here are some great vendors that I met and liked! Not all of course, but those whose cards I took.
Tinted Mint: Really cute paper products/ ribbon tape! 
Verameat: Had the cutest affenpinscher at the booth, and some beautiful jewelry.
Drew Morrison: Amazing illustrations, I didn't buy anything but think maybe I will online.
SEIBEI: Awesome dinosaur tees and my favorite "I'm fat let's party"
Ach Ach Liebling: Really great and hand crafted jewelry. I bought a set of dagger earrings.
Handmade Whimsy: "fanciful trinkets and textiles"
aroostudio: Cute pet stuff! ALSO had the SWEETEST beagle pup who I fell in love with.
Raw Toast Design: Great illustrations and graphics. My friend got a great boston terrier print
Sweet Penelope: Grabbed this card for wedding invites!

The affenpinscher. If you don't know what an affenpinscher is. You should.

Fort Mason Festival Pavilion



  1. I can't wait until renegade chicago! All these links are great, too. Awesomeeee.

  2. Hey! Don't worry you arent the only one..I went to SF Renegade this year and was so nervous to say hi to Elsie! I felt ridiculous! My husband was like pushing me toward her table! HAHA

  3. She must get it all the time! I still feel awkward though. Glad I'm not alone in that!


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