Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekly List of Things I Want But Probably Won't Buy

So the name "lust list" is taken, so I can't copy that- so I changed the name to the very catchy "weekly list of things I want but probably won't buy".

This is called "In Yo' Lace"

I want a 50s style bathing suit SO BAD.

I tried this on in the store and liked it, but it's $118 so I didn't buy it. Because I'm CHEAP, not because I'm poor. :) There is a difference! It's from JCREW.

Can you believe it's already the end of August? I can't believe it either. One year ago I started this blog and I was in FLORIDA. What was I doing there? Who knows, I basically just vacationed there for two months- with a few weeks of work to help my boredom. Man it was HOT. Anyway. Mr. Rockit and I have come a long way, and I'm pretty happy with where we are. 

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